$50  Prize   Drawing 

1300 points are needed to be eligible for the $50 prize drawing. Submissions are due at 11:30 PM on MONDAY, MAY 21st

Keep track of all the activities you submit.

NOTE: If you submit 180 points worth of activities for each week,  then you WILL be eligible for the END of Program Prize Drawing!

Point Value: 50

​In 50-100 words, answer ONE of the questions below.

   1) From this conversation, what did the mother learn about herself and her daughter?  

   2) From this conversation, what did the daughter learn about herself and her mother?

Deborah (Mom):
Mi'ja, didn’t I teach you anything about the importance of finishing your education? Are you trying to ruin your life?
Melinda (Daughter):
I knew I couldn’t talk to you about anything!
What do you mean, you can’t talk to me about anything?
You always criticize everything about me?
What do you mean? Everything I do, I do for the future of you and your sisters!
I didn’t mean….
My God, I tried to do everything I could so you would not end up like me? 
But Mama, what is wrong with being like you?
Everything! I want you and your sisters to have a good education so you can get good jobs and not have to work 2 or 3 jobs at a time, like I have. I want you to have a good job so you can spend time with your family as they grow up. I have missed so much time with you children.
Mama, I didn’t know you felt that way. I just thought that you were disappointed in me. I thought that I could never meet your expectations anyway, so why try?
Mi'ja, I did not mean to sound that way.  I love you, and of course I will love the baby.
Mama, I promise to finish my education. I want to give my baby the best possible life, just like you want for me.


Read the conversation between a mom and her daughter who gets pregnant (as did her mom) before finishing school.