$50  Prize   Drawing 

1300 points are needed to be eligible for the $50 prize drawing. Submissions are due at 11:30 PM on MONDAY, MAY 21st

Keep track of all the activities you submit.

NOTE: If you submit 180 points worth of activities for each week,  then you WILL be eligible for the END of Program Prize Drawing!

The man in the truck felt disrespected by the man in the car and reacted violently. 

​​Select ONE of the following and answer the question in 50-100 words.

1) How do you think the man in the truck could have better handled the situation?            


2) When you feel disrespected and like your losing self-control, what can you do to avoid engaging in a physical fight?


Point Value:  50

Click on the link to watch a video about a recent road rage incident.