Point Value:  50

I’ve seen multiple people being killed. I’ve seen, lots and lots of things that a young kid should not even see or need to be around. I’ve seen dead bodies, I’ve seen drugs. My dad been out,  in and out of my life since I was a baby. I know who he is. I know where I can find him. I can talk to him but now since he really got out and trying to straighten his life he cain’t tell me nothing no more. He cain’t. I’m a man. I’m grown. I’m 20 years old, with no job, not in school, not doing nothing, besides what I’m doing now. This don’t make me happy. You think I want to stand on the corner and sell drugs to other black folks and destroy my community for some petty ass money. He walking down the street. They started firing. They wind up killing this boy.  Help us. Help us try to be better. Give us opportunities to do things what we’re good at. Give us opportunities and talents or something. Give us more, give us more activities to do. Give us more jobs out here. Give us something to do that’s positive.

Below is a partial transcript of an interview with a young man named Dre. 

         Based on what he says, what are some of the things that we are failing to provide for young men like Dre?