One day Gonzalo was talking to Sherrie about his day and what he had done all morning. During his talk about his day Gonzalo forgot to mention that he went to get a snack with his sister. Sherrie saw on Gonzalo’s sister’s snapchat that they had gone for a snack. Sherrie accused Gonzalo of lying and they ended up getting in a huge fight because Gonzalo forgot to tell Sherrie that he went to get a snack in the morning.  

One day a little girl named Patsy was at the playground when she saw her crush’s cousin. She said to one of her friends, "Oh, look isn’t that Briana?" To that her friend Laura responded, “Oh my, I’m going to tell Sergio that you called his cousin that!” Patsy was confused and soon realized, when she heard Laura yelling it out, that Laura mistook the word Briana for a curse word. Patsy was very frightened because her crush would hate her if that false information got to him. Once in class, he confronted her about it and as she tried to explain he yelled that he was not going to believe her lies. Patsy sat in class quietly the rest of the day as she thought of how one simple statement turned into a huge misunderstanding.

Jeff and Amber were on a picnic at the park and Amber decided to play around by pinching him on the ear and calling him weirdo. Little did she know that he was already mad since before they went on the picnic. He was already mad, because he had an argument with his dad and she only made him madder. Later that day Maxine started playing around with him again by trying to play fight with him by punching him, and then he made his move slapping her across the face!!! She ran home and called the police and then he was arrested.

Alexis really wanted banana pudding ice cream but Andres wants to purchase his meal replacement shakes. They know that they can only get one and neither one is going down without a fight. They refuse to compromise and end up making a scene at the frozen food section of the local Walmart.

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