​The following stories were randomly selected from responses to this:

Make up a 50-100 word story about a situation where teasing resulted in something bad happening. Please make up all names.

One day a girl named Eileen was practicing basketball skills on one side of a basketball court while a group of boys played on the other side. One of the boys, named Ed, told the girl that she was terrible at basketball. The girl ended up slapping Ed and he fought back. The police were called and both were taken to the police department.

There was this one girl that was a middle schooler that would tease a boy because he would wear the same jacket. She would tease him because he was a shy type of boy. The girl had friends. Every time she would tease him he would ignore it. But, then the more she did it, the more he got angry. One day she went to go tease him. He was so mad that he got a pair of scissors out. The girl had long hair so he decided to cut it all the way to her ears. She ran away crying. The next day everyone started teasing her even her friends.

My friends and I were walking home. Sonia, Jenny, Sandy, and I. School to us was just about teasing people and having fun, living the moment. As it turns out Sandy was being teased as well, not by us but by boys. They teased her saying she was not fit, too chunky, and just cruel mean things that shouldn’t have been said. Sandy said she couldn’t take it and that she didn’t deserve to live. She took her life because of it. 

One time, on the bus home, these kids were picking on another student who was minding his own business. They were told to stop and shut up, but they kept on till that student punched the person in the mouth. Because he was trying to stop the fight, that almost caused the driver to crash.  

Javier was walking home from school and a group of boys had always followed him for whatever reason. And one day the group of boys started teasing him on the way home. Javier, of course, wasn’t feeling too good about what the boys would tell him. Eventually the group of boys got physical and started pushing him and throwing him to the ground. One day Javier had enough of the boys and he went to school with something he shouldn’t have. So when the boys followed him from home that day, Javier pulled out a knife and stabbed 2 of the boys and the other 3 ran away. Josh was scared and ran home. Luckily both boys survived but Javier was faced with charges as the boys lied to the police.was really poor and needed it to eat looked very hungry and the lady ran to Randy and said “I didn't know that you were homeless."

Point Value:  20

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